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Resort in Town II

House A  Baht 171.4 Million @ 145,773 per sqm

Interior area 1176 sqm, now available for sale, our surveyor made a survey of land, land size is 149 sq.wah, only this piece of empty land excluding the house worths 89 million, and its swimming pool has been specially designed and built with see through glass as the floor extends to the living room.  This allows you the luxury privilege of seeing your children swim under the living room floor.
Located in 251 Asoke Rd, close to Asoke BTS Station (Asoke), one of Bangkok’s busiest business districts, office buildings, and high-end serviced apartments.  It also connects with the MRT Petchaburi Station.
Just 5 minutes away you will find the famous mall Terminal 21. Here the dream of traveling the world to downtown Bangkok, with its cutting-edge concept that world famous city under one roof can be found.
House B  Baht 128.6 Million @ 145,773 per sqm

Interior area 882 sqm, land size is 112 sq.wah
House A + B  Baht 300 Million

Including 261 sq.wah of land, its land value is 900,000/ sq.wah, so only this empty land is valued 235 million, with land and house, our price is 300 million, per square meter is Baht 145,773
Designed in a modern contemporary style, this property comprises of two four-storey buildings connecting on every floor with a glass elevator conveniently constructed in between both buildings. The area totals 2,058 square meters and has a total of eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, two maid rooms, two kitchens and a rooftop garden.
According to the report from Page B4 the Universal Daily News, the average price of per square meter of  luxury condo in downtown Bangkok has increased to 300,000, if calculate with 1176 sqm, the price will be 353 million, However, C&M luxury house is just 171 million, around 50% lower than the current property price.
1) 251 Asoke Rd   House A   室内面積 1,176平方米,改造后獨立銷售,銷售價爲泰銖1億7千1百40萬整,每平米為145,773。價格包括由專業測量師最新統計之149哇,市值900,000/哇之土地,光土地價值,未包含別墅就要1億3千4百10萬。分拆后A棟將擁有獨立游泳池并延伸至室内大廳。我們是一間兩座均為四層高之豪華別墅,中間採用四面玻璃之觀光電梯去連接兩座樓作為共同使用,共有八間大型套房及兩個傭人房。更突出的是私家泳池延伸至獨特設計之室內悠閒客廳,採用拋光玻璃地面去代替地磚或木地板,可隨時觀賞孩子與小狗游泳至客廳下面;由於設計超豪華,因此該別墅被命名為Resort In Town。
2)  B棟室内面積 882平米(含地112哇)
售價爲泰銖1億2千8百60萬             每平方米145,773。
3) 但AB兩棟室内面積合共2058平方米,包含同樣爲900,000/哇之261哇之土地,光土地價值就爲2億3千6百萬,連同別墅售價則僅爲泰銖3億,每平方米僅爲泰銖145,773.
根據世界日報22/9 B4版的新聞市場調查報導,曼谷商業中心區的真正高級公寓平均價格經已飆漲至 30萬銖一平方米,一個同樣1,176平米之公寓豪宅,就要 3億5千3百萬了,而C&M的超豪別墅也僅爲 1億7千1百萬,低於市場現今價格大概50%。

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